How is rosé wine actually made?

To be clear, rosé wine is not a mix of white and red wine. Rosé wine is made from blue grapes and can be produced in two ways: according to the white wine method, where the grape skins are soaked in the juice for a short time (only a few hours). This method produces a light rosé with soft fruit flavours.

Or the red wine method with a limited soaking time of 8 to 48 hours, where the winemaker allows the grape skins to ferment with the juice in order to obtain more colour and aromas in the wine. The preparation process stops as soon as the desired colour is obtained. It usually results in a full, powerful rosé with lively flavour aromas. Conclusion: the wine skins provide the rosé colour!

Rosé wines are the ideal companion for many dishes, salads, seafood, chicken or as an aperitif after a busy day at work.

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